World Premiere 2024 – Kampnagel


Postcolonial Amnesia – Revisiting the Living Archive

REPARATION NATION  is a research, film and performance project (Premiere: 26.09.2024, Kampnagel Hamburg) created in collaboration with African artists (Senegal, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia) as well as BIPoC members of the Diaspora, that interrogates the complex topic of restitution of African cultural assets. Moving from the academic spheres of discourse towards an artistic space of story-telling and narrative-based discoveries, REPARATION NATION  riotously subverts the formats of exhibition and performance in a compelling, multidisciplinary, dance-negotiated debate.

REPARATION NATION is a production by Jessica Nupen Contemporary Arts & Dance Theatre – in co-production with Kampnagel, funded by the Elbkulturfonds of the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg, the Cassens Foundation, and the Movement Metropolitan e.V.