23-27 October 2021 Deichtorhallen


A solo/dance film in collaboration with William Kentridge’s ‘Why Should I Hesitate, Putting Drawings to Work’

Spheres & Disruption is a solo and dance film conceptualized and created by Hamburg director and choreographer Jessica Nupen responding to the space and context of William Kentridge’s largest exhibition to date “Why Should I Hesitate”. Performed by Sara Ezzel, the solo is deliberately ephemeral evoking notions of spherical objects, natural orders and the disruptions thereof. In the performance Ezzell moves through the rooms of Deichtorhallen with a choreographic vocabulary that riotously disrupts the displayed artworks. Themes of colonialism, displacement, migration and solitude are reinterpreted by the audience and given new meaning. Nupen unravels intrinsic dualisms of life that lie at the heart of the spontaneous and guttural-like choreography, constructed on a play of opposites which alternate and complete each other. 


In coproduction with Deichtorhallen, BYUS Global and Jessica Nupen Contemporary Arts & Dance Theatre.